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23 May 2019, Thursday
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Youll get a lot more on point guard play plus everything else if you become a Hoops. Being a great point guard is much more than having fine basketball skills you must also have excellent cognitive and mental skills as well as a high basketball. Mental Attitude and Approach of a Point Guard.

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- Learning to play the point guard position is a difficult article to write since many factors are involved in playing this position. Some of these factors include how the coach wants his/her point guard to operate, the style of play, the abilities and talents of the teammates surrounding the point guard, and the skills, temperament, experience and leadership qualities of the point guard him. Your team's guards fill such a variety of roles that is difficult to cover all the changing responsibilities - not only from game to game, but sometimes from play to play. However, the coach must be careful not to send mixed messages. Receiving the Ball as a Point Guard Outlet Pass call for the ball quickly yell outlet above foul line extended, ballside. At a very basic level, the point guard is responsible for moving the ball up the court, keeping it in his team's possession, and setting up offensive plays.

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- 5 Tips for point. Guards, at OtterBasketball Point Guard Elite Camps we have five foundational concepts at the heart of our Basketball training curriculum. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. For your team to be successful, your guards have to do more than shoot and have to be more than good dribblers, ball handlers, and passers.

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- Tip #1 you have to be able to move with and without the ball offensively and defensively. Info for youth basketball coaches and point guards on specific drills, skills, mindset, tips, and the responsibilities of the position of The Point Guard. Question Should I be a slasher or a shooter? Try a "3 and 1" for short end-of-games. This positions him well to guard the opposing team's point guard, essentially playing the reverse of the role that he played on offense. Just like on offense, the point guard usually stays at the perimeter of the key or near the three point line on defense.

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- Learn from the NBAs greatest point guards. Professional basketball has no shortage of great point guards some are all-time league legends, while some are active players today. Question How do I become a point guard when at present I am a power forward? Spacing The most valuable commodity on the basketball floor is space. When a point guard sees a teammate with an opportunity to score, he wants to get the ball into his teammate's hands as quickly as possible so that the teammate can score before his opportunity passes. For instance, if the defense is running a heavy full-court press (that is, they're guarding every offensive player even before they cross the half court line the point guard may not have the liberty of being able. If the defense sees that he can't do these things very well, they may leave him relatively unguarded and concentrate on the other players, making it harder for the team as a whole to score.

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- Watching these point guards dominate the court can be inspiring, humbling, and educational for amateur point guards looking to up their game. Top 10 Point, guards in NBA History - Duration: 12:33. Just go with whatever feels comfortable to you and play to your strengths. Question How do I get better at handling the ball? By earning the respect of his teammates through work and dedication, the point guard can improve the team's communication and help develop valuable on-the-court camaraderie. In this case, you'll want to avoid committing too heavily to either player.
The point guard should feel versatile playing in any area of the court. The point guard is the general on the court. Who has the ball in their hands most of the time. S important for the point guard to set other players up to score points. Point, t use passing motions that require a windup motion this gives the defenders a hint that a pass is on the way. S advice on what position you should be playing. We enter probably the most complex area of basketball. Secrets, watch Queue, go for your favorite position or you can hear out for your coachapos. S facing away from the hoop, t be any scoring slouch himself, guard. Freeing up your other teammates, drills, by Don Kelbick When discussing guard play. S usually harder for a defensive point guard to have a good idea of whatapos. Ll guard you, theyapos, if an offensive play demands. Punish them for, stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving really excel in this position and show a great. In basketball, s happening on the court than an offensive one. S Abilities Your guards must know the abilities of their teammates. If the defense believes you have the ability to score.

2 Have great communication with your teammates.

The Solution: We then came up with the "Time and Score" scrimmage. Read the defense and make good entry and continuation decisions.

Submit Tips Be able to fake! On Perimeter Be a threat at all timesmeet the passes. Question What are types of moves that I could use with my team that are not too complicated?