Basketball referee tips and tricks

25 May 2019, Saturday
Delbrook Steve Nash Youth Basketball: Referee Tips

Below is a list of referee tips and key focus areas based on learnings from the referee clinics and feedback from coaches. Be the expert - Read the. A Veteran s Tips on Officiating Basketball.

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- A basketball referee may have doubt when two players collide and go flying. Last weekend there was a basketball tournament in town. As the tournament pointed out to me, sometimes coaches find it incredibly difficult to know how to handle referees. Be 100 percent sure if making the unexpected call. It will be an uncomfortable situation for many, but the better officials know when to stay out of the way and call only what needs to be called.

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- I had no teams participating and had no other commitments, so I thought I d head down and check. Whether you are an ncaa basketball official or just a scholastic referee that. Take a moment to put the ball in play and use that time to give a friendly reminder as opposed to a premature penalty. It can be difficult for referees to identify that a zone defence is being played. Whether you are introducing yourself to the coach before the game or answering his or her question during the course of play, communication should be done face to face and straight. Make your calls loud so that old lady in the back row can hear you. Get the game going after a mistake or ejection.

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- If you re an official who has been summoned to the scorer s table to deal with. Last week, fiba Asia held its annual referee clinic in Singapore. There are few officials who want to be on the field or court for a really long game. A held ball occurs when one or more players of each opposing team have one or both hands firmly on the ball so that neither player can gain control without undue roughness. Time out is max one minute - Time outs are a maximum one minute. Short, sharp and loud - Make sure to blow your whistle short, sharp and loud.
Quot; the article is made available for educational use by individuals. Dont teach them bad habits, benton Chick Smith has been a basketball official since 1978 in New Hampshire. See space, though it may only, focus on the game and use it as an opportunity to improve. In a tight moment, however, the next two positions are reserved for the offence. I spent 3 years refereeing youth basketball games. Often being nominated by my fellow. Even many parks and recreation leagues will pay their basketball referees. Its never a good idea to enforce an arcane rule just to let everyone know that you know the book. Players Never Argue, thats the time to increase your focus as much as possible. Every official knows the importance of the rules of the game. White ball, the player may raise his arms and hands above his head or jump vertically but he must maintain them in a vertical position inside the imaginary cylinder. Talk to both team coaches at half time so they can voice their concerns. RED 10, travelling, if coaches are chirping at you about calls. One of the most important rules on all of my teams is that players never argue with the referees. An official takes on the task of applying mainly descriptive rules to fluid situations.

As I pointed out in number three, by not allowing your players to argue, it teaches them self-control.

Just because a player attends a captains meeting before the game doesnt mean that he or she will be the player with the best sportsmanship. What is not acceptable is for officials to be the cause of a game going long.

Give the benefit OF THE doubt to those who have earned respect. If they had made one extra shot, or one extra hustle play during the first 46 minutes of play, the game would have been out of reach for the other team. That was a interference.