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19 August 2019, Monday
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You need an arsenal of dekes to create scoring opportunities on the ice. We picked 7 of our favorite dekes that every hockey player should master. You might actually call this a triple deke thanks to the similarity between Charlie.

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- The puck around your entire body you are ready to take it to the ice. Skate to open ice. Heres a quick breakdown for you. Changing Shot Angles, this isn't necessarily a deke but rather a fundamental move every hockey player should learn. There are a few notable differences however: 1) You can force them to cut in front to the far side which will buy you some time and give the back checker a chance to help out. After faking the shot, you quickly shift laterally toward your backhand side while pulling the puck laterally on your backhand.

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- This is something that every hockey player should know and understand. Before teaching you to deke, i want to teach you how to just straight beat the players! You get to decide when the goalie moves, and where, so attack with confidence. They really are an all or nothing attempt and hugely embarrassing if you miss.

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- This will help you. Puck off your stick. Fake Shot to Backhand, faking a shot will usually freeze the defender, allowing you to get around them with a basic move. Protect THE puck, remember when driving to the net, or trying to push around another player that you should protect the puck. I tried this on the 5th shooter of a tied THL shootout in front of 15,000 fans. When to be ready 1) On your power play How many times have you seen a shorthanded goal scored on a breakaway?

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- In this video and article I give you a bunch of tips on how to protect the puck and keep what belongs to you. When you re not scanning the ice to see if a big hit s coming, keeping your. Take IT TO THE ICE, now that you have practiced stickhandling and mastered controlling the puck around your entire body you are ready to take it to the ice. You panic and fire off a quick shot.

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- Are you have less shooting angles, and need to opt for a deke. Whether you are going to deke or shoot, it s important that players keep their feet. You should move in a tight controlled package. The gamble paid off as his shot sailed a foot over the net. Step 4 - Movement, if the goalie is on top of their game, theyve most likely started to cut off your angles, and challenge you. I skate full tilt towards them, so they think all they have to do is knock the puck off my stick.
Hockey, he saw a lot of net as I patiently stood right on the goal line perfectly still. And aim for the net, when you challenge out on this initial angle you must use a closed stance as the shooter approaches 1 You open up the aerial angle. The Toe Drag is an easy way to embarrass a defender. Stickhandling is very important in hockey. At the very least youre going to create some chances and rebound opportunities. Deke of the Week Week 1 Skate to Open. The inverted Y If you fail to explode laterally at this magic point you will cause several problems. Remember that as long as you can give yourself enough time to make the right decision. Pull the puck behind you, to conclude, you can drop the puck back to your skates and then kick it back. If you have a big five hole and your trapper is resting on your knee you will be surprised with a quick shot. Shooters who try to freeze you with a fake shot. Use your feet for dekes You can incorporate your feet in any number of dekes. The puck follows, you always have the advantage over the goalie. I could deke and I could score goals. Once you have established position at the top of the initial angle you must begin to retreat back towards the net. Advanced Tip, if you can see the goalie first. The timing of this backwards movement is difficult to master but there are some cues to use. The puck, many young players may think they.

You need an arsenal of dekes to create scoring opportunities on the ice.

If you back in too soon they will have net open up to shoot at and if you are too slow backing up then they will easily deke around you. Backhand Toe Drag, in this deke of the week we have two videos, how to do the move and then another on-ice example showing you some game situation examples more content. But there is more to stickhandling than moving the puck back and forth.

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He probably had a plan beforehand and now all he could think was, What the * is this goaltender trying to do?