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20 August 2019, Tuesday
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Ice, hockey, tips : How. Ice, skate, with, hockey , skates ยป. Ice skating with hockey skates starts with getting the right sized.

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Skating for Hockey Agility Classes will emphasize skating techniques to develop speed, precision, edge control, and agility in the game of hockey.

Yevgeny Martynov's Program will develop skaters who are quick, strong, accurate and coordinated. Players who choose to become a part of the Skating for Hockey Agility Program are set apart from their teammates and opponents as their skating skills and mental agility are beyond that of the average hockey player. Skating for Hockey Agility program is based on traditional Russian training techniques to enhance the individual player's skating skills and directly impact the hockey player's mobility.

More at. Agility drills and exercises to build muscle memory for complex combinations of skate-and-stick work.